A Brave New … Ride!

Hi Everyone!  I have taken on the not-so-simple task of raising $3000 riding 545 miles in seven days and riding a lot more than that  in the 4 months to come!

With that this blog is in dedication to my family and friends (bay area family) who want to know more about what it’s like.

With that, lets dive into where I feel I am today.

My Personal Goals:

  1. To commemorate seven years being without my father, Alfonso Gonzalez
  2. To survive the rides and have a great time
  3. To push my physical edges.  While I’m not the heaviest man alive at age 32 its time to be all (fittest) that I can be! 180 lbs. here I come!
  4. To remind myself quite often that I set my own limits and I have the tools to break through them
  5. To promote acceptance, inclusion and growth.

My Fears:

  1. Falling especially downhill.  Saw it last Sunday on a steep decent.  My best resource is a finely tuned bike (check!) and practice (not so check).
  2. Breaking my bicycle.  I’ve had a few instances of breaking the bike/bank.  All that is required is

So here I am at the beginning of my adventure.  I’m about 2 weeks into fundraising and 4 weeks into training.  So far my longest ride is 46 mi!

Thanks for being with me on this ride!


Andre Tonatiuh Gonzalez


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