About Me

The first being the economy.  It’s on everyone’s mind.  I’d like to focus on what small to medium business/entrepeneurs are creating and changing to not just stay afloat but thrive.  Not only an I interested in the small business economy but I’m really focused on the emerging green economy, especially how it contributes to human factors!

The third is Unity, how are we as communities, neighbors, friends, and families supporting people who strive to have a better life?  I’m 3rd generation Mexican American and very proud to be here, and like many, I have a love/hate relationship with both sides of those cultures, not to mention San Francisco culture.  Regardless, one large reason that I live in San Francisco is because of the plethora of types of people.  Each day I travel around San Francisco I see homeless, the elite, crazy-fun, crazy-not so fun, introvert, and extrovert.  I believe how we relate to each other is constantly evolving and I’m interested in sharing my thoughts about it.

Cheers y Hasta Pronto!

-Andre Tonatiuh (tON-A-Tiu)

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