A Brave New… Ride??

What a day. I wanted to go for a bicycle ride and my friend Margo was like ok let’s go. I’m not signed up for the AIDS Lifecycle yet but I arrive at the Sports Basement Presidio in the back parking lot at 9:30am on a Saturday morning. I see 75 cars or so with just as many riders there as well. I feel super nervous. I see loads of riders decked in head to toe in full on riding gear. I’m the only guy there without cycling shoes, just me and my bike and shoes and my panier… gulp again, I have a panier. So I’m carrying extra weight in the pannier, I don’t have a way to clip into my bicycle, and everyone around me looks like they are attending the Tour de France.

Here I go, its 10am and I’m climbing up towards the SF end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Whew that first hill up from Crissy Field is a doozie. Next over the bridge, it’s an amazing sense to ride up and over the bridge. The view is breath-taking as long as you keep your eyes to the horizon. I alway thought, “what a silly thing not to have a fence that prevents folks from flying over the edge.” All there is between you and the 746 foot fall to bay is a 4 foot railing. Evidently, there is a plan to build a web that extends over 20 ft. past the bridge but that would cost an additional $50 Million that no one wants to pay (click for more). Afterwards comes the Sausalito hill that dives down toward the bay. It’s a little steep at places so I’m definitely hanging on to my brakes! Finally, Sausalito invites me in to the flat lands as we whiz past tourists and shops and a beautiful vista of the bay! Then we ride past Mill Valley then up towards San Rafael.

About 18 miles later Margo and I are smiling big at Sharks Deli. Not a bad ride, we finished in the middle of the pack but as we looked at each other, she’s says wanna take the ferry back to SF. I say yes! The ferry back to SF is an amazing trip, I recommend the XXX Hot Coco they serve with a generous amount of Baileys whiskey and rum. Needless to say riding back from Pier 41 was quite enjoyable yet funny enough we got back at the same time that most people who rode back did. Tip of the day, slow and steady with some sightseeing keeps you coming back fro more.

Hasta Pronto-Andre


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